Is cbd coffee a drug?

Learn more about whether coffee is good for you here. Learn more about CBD for cancer here. With the growing appreciation for the many potential health benefits of CBD, more and more people are wondering how the popular health supplement interacts with another common lifestyle drug, coffee. In a country where more than 80% of its residents drink coffee, it's no wonder we consume caffeine and anxiety.

However, what if the anxiety part could be mitigated? Coffee with cannabidiol (CBD) could be the perfect way to calm those nerves and, at the same time, make you feel good and enthusiastic. Researchers have debated the health benefits of coffee for decades, but advice has changed and not all studies agree on the health benefits or risks of coffee. But I knew that other anxious people had good experiences with CBD and I like coffee, so I was interested, although I was wondering if coffee (a stimulant) and CBD (a cannabinoid thought to have relaxing properties) could cancel each other out. If you're healthy and just want your morning fix, but you're a little nervous, CBD coffee is probably your thing.

I decide to start my last day of the experiment with a regular cup of coffee, followed by coffee with CBD. But it's not just that coffee shops don't have to specify what CBD should do in a latte, and therefore legally they can't do it. It's important to note that the FDA does not regulate CBD as a medication in supplements, foods and beverages, including coffee. I think that's a potential area where there could be something good about adding CBD to coffee.

So if it's late and your coffee is running low, CBD could provide exactly the relief you're looking for. While the benefits of combining the two may become clear after reviewing the above, there are still not many studies that focus on the relationship between coffee and cannabis or CBD. For example, many people who consume CBD together with caffeine claim that it helps relieve some of the nervousness usually caused by coffee, making them alert but calm. So the combination of CBD and coffee could be overstimulating for some, which could be what was happening to me.

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